The Event

October 10/13.19
Timișoara, RO
Escape Venue

4 days
6 workshops
1 hackathon


A 4-day event for artists who are using technology to push art in innovative directions and tech passionates who want to get involved in creative/artistic areas.

The event will host 6 workshops + 1 hackathon, bringing together a mixed team of developers and artists, and will culminate in a public exhibition where participants can showcase their projects to a general audience.


Who can attend the event?

The event is open to everyone who is interested in the topic of generative art. Some of the workshops don’t require prior experience. For more details check the Workshops page.

Is the event free?

Yes. This is an event organized with the support of Timisoara 2021- Capitala Culturala Europeana.

Are lunch breaks provided by the organizers?

Food is provided by the organizers only during the Hackathon. On Thursday and Friday, you will have to hunt your own meals. We will provide water and snacks.

How many workshops can I attend?

You can attend up to 3 workshops. Check the event’s Agenda.

What is a hackathon?

It is a type of event where participants work constantly to create projects within a certain amount of time (it varies from 12h to 48h).

Do I have to work on a certain project/idea?

You can work on whatever you want as long as it is a combination of art & technology.

Do we work individually or in teams?

We advise you to work in teams since it is an event that aims to mix art and tech together.

Do I have to stay overnight at the hackathon?

No. But the more you work on your project, the merrier the art exhibit.

Will someone guide us during the hackathon?

The artists who deliver the workshops will stay afterward at the hackathon to guide you whenever you need help.

Are there any prizes?

Just fame! There are no financial gains, but you and your team will have an exhibition open to the public to showcase your project.

Can I bring a friend (or more) to the Exhibition & Party?

Yes! Bring them all! The Exhibition & the Party are open events. You can invite whoever you want to be there and support you while you present your project.

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