Render your creativity with OPENRNDR

Kazik Pogoda

OPENRNDR is like an ""operating system"" for media art. It works as well for prototyping as for producing high quality generative design. It is also production-ready to run your media art installations.

During the workshop we will learn how to draw shapes, animate them, work with text and media. It will give enough information for participants to build their own projects with OPENRNDR where we can start exploring more advanced creative coding techniques like shade styles and connecting sensors like Kinect. You can bring your own favorite input devices - cameras, keybords, mice, MIDI, ardruino, etc.

Required Hardware

Your own laptop.

Input devices you might want to use:

cameras (+ tripods), keyboards, mice, arduinos, sensors

Kazik Pogoda

Kazik is a creative coder, software architect, philosopher and activist.
He is also an active member of Creative Code Berlin community, contributor and user of OPENRNDR.